Skill development is vital to the success of all of our Synergy teams. Skills come from good coaching, consistent advancement through testing, and practice, practice, and more practice.

Our coaching staff provides excellent instruction for our skaters with a firm foundation in skating technique. Part of our focus on skill development means consistent work with our coaches on the ice, off the ice, and in physical training sessions. In addition, we strongly encourage all of our skaters to continue their development in private lessons with the coach of their choice.

Testing is a vital part of a skater’s development. We encourage our skaters to begin testing as soon as they join a synchronized skating team. This helps with the advancement of skills and gives the skaters the confidence they need to successfully compete.

Finally, we recognize that skill development is ultimately about the commitment of the skater to practice. We expect our skaters to attend our practice sessions as well as practice on their own both on and off the ice.