At St. Louis Synergy, we value and promote sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a life skill not just a desirable form of behavior for young athletes. As such, we encourage our athletes to demonstrate sportsmanship by:

  • Showing respect for teammates and opponents alike.

  • Showing respect for coaches and parents no matter what club they represent.

  • Recognizing that skating is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy.

  • Sincerely acknowledging excellence, whether it is demonstrated by our teams or those of another club.

  • Sincerely acknowledging effort, no matter what the outcome.

  • Exercising humility in both victory and defeat.

  • Recognizing that enjoying the sport is as important as winning.

    st. louis synergy’s 2018-2019 sportsmanship award recipient:

    Haley Weilbacher

    past sportsmanship award winners:

    Emily Bischoff Savannah Lockwood Hannah Blanner
    Colleen Dundon Mary Dill Kameryn Truman
    Anna DeWald Kelsey Wiegand
    Lillian Portell Marissa Robinson