Checklist for New and Returning Members

Use the following checklist to guide you through the completing the membership process. Many of our members also skate for Synergy Synchro. Step 1 only applies to Synchro skaters.

This is only a checklist. For more detailed information about any of these steps, look under the MEFSC membership pages.

Membership Checklist

Step Description Who?

1. April/May Synchro Commitment Fee After team are announced in the Spring,
reserve your skaters spot on the team by
submitting a check. Synchro Only

2. June MEFSC Membership Full home club members have a volunteer
commitment while associate members are
required to be full members of another USFS club.
For more information see membership types.
Register online through our membership site. All Members

3. June Submit Volunteer Check A check for $300 to cover your family's volunteer
commitment is required. Checks are destroyed
in the Spring after volunteer hours are verified. Full Home Club and
Synergy skaters include this check with their signed Introductory members
contract and commitment fee. only

4. July USFS Membership For home club members, USFS membership is
part of your Metro Edge FSC membership and
will be submitted by the club. For associate
members USFS membership will be filed by their
respective home club. All Members

5. August Register for Communications New members only! Please register for MEFSC
communications to make sure that they get all
important emails. For renewing members, your
profile can be updated if any contact
info has changed. All New Club Members

6. August Join or Renew with ISI MEFSC does not manage your ISI membership.
You will need to register or renew with
ISI independently. All Members