HOW DO I JOIN synergy?

Clinics, auditions & basic skating skills

For the youngest, beginning skaters, getting involved is easy! We prefer our skaters to have passed through the Alpha level (basic stroking) of learn to skate ice skating classes, which are offered through the Webster and Brentwood Ice Skating Rinks. No special training in synchronized skating is necessary. Come to auditions or contact us throughout the year for more information how to join the Formation or Synchro Skills teams. Participating on the team teaches the skaters basic synchronized moves and improves skating skills at the same time.

For older, more experienced skaters, auditions are held in April each year. After the synchronized skating competition season finishes in March, generally the coaches begin the process of selecting teams for the next year’s competition season. Synchro skills training clinics are held for all levels in March and April. These clinics are open to all skaters, not just prior synchro skaters or figure skating club members. The clinics are designed to prepare skaters for what to expect in the auditions and to hone their skills. The information as to what time and date to audition based on a skater’s level will be posted on-line, and at the rink. The sign up link is posted on our website near the time of auditions. Team selection and announcement letters are e-mailed to skater’s families in late April or early May. At any time if you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Synchro Liaison.

Please contact Stephanie Farris, our SYNCHRO LIAISON, for more information.