Free Dance


Compulsory Dance Test

According to TR 41.01, moves in the field tests are not required as a prerequisite for compulsory dance tests; however, prior to entering dance competitions, competitors must have taken and passed at least the equivalent level moves in the field test. See 3107 and 3730 in the rulebook. This rule does not apply to adult dance competitors.

All of the dances in a dance test need not be taken at the same test session. Those dances that are passed shall be credited towards the completion of the test. (TR 41.02)

There are also standard, adult, solo and masters variations of many of the compulsory dances tests. If applicable, those tests will be noted by a different abbreviation.

For information on partnering and details about the tests, please see the rulebook.

Preliminary Dance Test and Solo Preliminary Dance Test
DANCES: Dutch Waltz (DW), Canasta Tango (CT), Rhythm Blues (RB). Solo: ZDW, ZCT, ZRB

Pre-Bronze Dance Test, Masters Pre-Bronze Dance Test and Solo Pre-Bronze Dance Test
DANCES: Swing Dance (SD), Cha-Cha (CC), Fiesta Tango (FIT). Masters: MSD, MCC, MFI. Solo: ZSD, ZCC, ZFI

Bronze Dance Test, Masters Bronze Dance Test and Solo Bronze Dance Test
DANCES: Hickory Hoedown (HH), Willow Waltz (WIW), Ten-Fox (TF). Masters: MHH, MWI, MTF. Solo: ZHH, ZWI, ZTF

Pre-Silver Dance Test, Adult Pre-Silver Dance Test, Masters Pre-Silver Dance Test and Solo Pre-Silver Dance Test
DANCES: Fourteenstep (14S), European Waltz (EW), Foxtrot (FT). Adult: A14, AEW, AFT. Masters: M14, MEW, MFT. Solo: Z14, ZEW, ZFT

Silver Dance Test, Adult Silver Dance Test, Masters Silver Dance Test and Solo Silver Dance Test
DANCES: American Waltz (AW), Tango (T), Rocker Foxtrot (RF). Adult: AAW, AST, ARF. Masters: MAW, MST, MRF. Solo: ZAW, ZT, ZRF

Pre-Gold Dance Test, Adult Pre-Gold Dance Test, Masters Pre-Gold Dance Test and Solo Pre-Gold Dance Test
DANCES: Kilian (K), Blues (BL), Paso Doble (PD), Starlight Waltz (SW). Adult: AK, ABL, APD, ASW. Masters: MK, MBL, MPD, MSW. Solo: ZK, ZBL, ZPD, ZSW

Gold Dance Test, Adult Gold Dance Test, Masters Gold Dance Test and Solo Gold Dance Test
DANCES: Viennese Waltz (VW), Westminster Waltz (WW), Quickstep (QS), Argentine Tango (AT). Adult: AVW, AWW, AQS, AAT. Masters: MVW, MWW, MQS,MAT. Solo: ZVW, ZWW, ZQS, ZAT

International Dance Test, Adult International Dance Test and Masters International Dance Test
DANCES: Austrian Waltz (AUS), Cha Cha Congelado (CON), Golden Waltz (GW), Midnight Blues (MB), Ravensburger Waltz (RW), Rhumba (R), Silver Samba (SAM), Tango Romantica (TR) and Yankee Polka (YP). Adult: AAU, ACO, AGW, AMB, ARW, AR, ASA, ATR, AYP. Masters: MAU, MCO, MGW, MMB, MRW, MR, MSA, MTR, MYP