*        Qualifying Teams (Junior, Novice, Juvenile):  The Qualifying Teams will practice at least 3 days a week.

*        Developmental Teams (Pre-Juvenile, Preliminary):  The Developmental Teams will practice 2 days a week.

*        Beginner Team (Synchro Skills): The Synchro Skills team(s) will practice at least 2 days a week, and the team fees will also include Learn-To-Skate classes at the Webster ice rink for the classes designated by the team coaches.

*        Formation Team.  The Formation team will practice 1 day a week, and the team fees will also include Learn-To-Skate classes at the Webster ice rink for the classes designated by the team coaches.

*        End of Season.  The season typically ends late February/early March, subject to extension pursuant to special circumstances (such as attending ISI Champs or USFS Worlds) and additional payments related thereto. 

      The skating schedule for the season will be posted on the website page for each team.  All times are subject to change.  It is the athletes’ and parents’ responsibility to be aware of any changes posted on the team’s calendar on the website, or through an e-mail from the team manager or the coach.   The teams will have on-ice practices and off-ice practices.  Some teams will have additional days during the week for extra off-ice practice time.  Off-ice practice times may consist of walk-throughs, team building, strength training/cardio workouts, ballet, and/or other types of classes or activities determined to be beneficial to the athletes by the coaches.  All athletes are required to attend all off-ice and on-ice practices.     

Individual Practice.  Athletes are responsible for maintaining, practicing and improving their individual skating skills each week.  This includes 2-3 hours of practice outside of lessons and synchro time.  Athletes are responsible for recognizing a skill for which they need additional practice time (over and above team practice time), and for seeking out the assistance needed.  All athletes are expected to be taking private lessons (with those on the formation teams encouraged, but not required, to take private lessons).   All athletes should be actively working on and testing their Moves In the Field.

  All practices are mandatory. If an athlete absolutely has to miss a practice,
please use this
FORM and obtain permission in advance.

Practice Etiquette and AttIRE. 

  All athletes are expected to Practice with a Purpose.  Every practice should be taken seriously.  Athletes should arrive with enough time to warm-up off ice and be ready to enter the rink five minutes prior to on-ice start times.  Generally practice sessions are closed unless otherwise designated by the coach.   

General Rules for Practice Attire:

*        Hair.  Hair must be pulled up neatly, off the face, and for female athletes, into a bun. 

*        Accessories.  No gum or fake nails and absolutely no jewelry or bobby pins are to be worn during practice for the safety of the athletes.  Use of hand warmers must be done in a way so there is no danger of them falling on the ice and causing a safety issue.

*        Off-Ice Footwear.  Athletes must wear lace-up (or Velcro), full-footed tennis shoes to every practice.   Athletes not wearing the proper footwear will not be allowed to participate in off-ice practice and will be counted as absent from that practice.

 *        Apparel should consist of solid black leggings, solid black shirt or tank depending on team level, Synergy half-zip, Nationals jacket or Synergy fleece jacket. The fleece jacket will be available for purchase through a group order in June (details to follow later). The leggings and shirt may be purchased anywhere. Leggings must be fitted through the ankle or fit over the heel of skate.


The competition schedule will be in the Annual Synergy Update.  In addition, there may be exhibitions added during the season.   

Getting to the CompetitionFor out of town competitions, the Developmental and Qualifying teams will travel together by bus or by any other economical method deemed best by the Synchronized Skating Directors.  Only athletes, chaperones, managers and coaches will be allowed on their team’s bus. 

  Absence from School; Alternative Arrangements.  All team members are required to travel with the team, and all of their equipment must travel with the team.  Out of town travel requires our athletes to be absent from school.  We will do everything in our power to minimize the absent days.  Most out of town competitions require our teams to leave early Friday morning and return late Saturday night or Sunday.  A few competitions, specifically Midwestern Sectionals, require our teams to leave on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

The 2019-2020 tentative competition schedule:

Competitions Tentative Schedule. Watch your team information throughout the season and the Website for updates

Date Event Location Teams
November 8-10, 2019 USFS Synchro Fall Classic Anaheim, CA Junior
November 22-24, 2019 USFS Kalamazoo Kick Off Classic Kalamazoo, MI Synchro Skills, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Novice
December 5-8, 2019 USFS Dr. Porter Classic Ann Arbor, MI Juvenile, Novice, Junior
December 14-15, 2019 Nutcracker on Ice Webster Groves, MO ALL TEAMS
January 11-12 [estimated date], 2020 ISI Winter Blast St. Peters, MO All Teams
January 15-19, 2020 USFS Midwest Synchro Sectionals Wichita, KS Developmental Teams and Qualifying Teams
January 31-February 2, 2020 USFS Synchro Illinois Chicago, IL Developmental teams and Qualifying Teams
February 7-10 [estimated date] 2020 ISI Sweetheart Classic South County Recreation Complex All Teams
February 25 – March 1, 2020 USFS Synchro Team Championships Providence, RI If qualifying, Qualifying Teams
March 7-8, 2020[estimate] ISI Meet Me in St Louis Webster Groves, MO All Teams
April 2, 2020(estimate) Skate with Synchro Webster Groves, MO Formation, Synchro Skills Teams, Developmental Teams and Juvenile.
April 2020 Saint Louis Synergy Auditions Webster Groves, MO All Teams